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French phonetics can be quite confusing for people who start to learn French. Think about it - one French letter can be pronounced in 2-3 different ways and 3-4 letters can be pronounced as one sound! Fortunately, the pronunciation rules in French language are rather strict.

This free online converter allows you to convert French text to its phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols. You can find an explanation of each phonetic symbol in Wikipedia article about French phonology. This tool will serve you as French pronunciation guide and will save you a lot of time during your first steps in French – until you learn the pronunciation rules. If you use the phonetic transcription regularly along with French audio and video learning materials, it will help you to improve your pronunciation and listening skills in French language.

The converter is based on free French dictionaries Dicollecte (see the list of free online French dictionaries) and other sources.

Note: Maximum number of characters for unregistered users - 700, for registered users - 7000. For correct displaying of the phonetic transcription Unicode fonts should be installed on your computer. Make sure to choose the right encoding for this page in your web browser - Unicode (UTF-8).


Do you like this converter? Post the link to this page!

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