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Chinese phonetics can be quite confusing for people who start to learn Chinese. Although hanyu pinyin is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into Latin script, some people find that pinyin is not the best way to represent how Chinese words are actually pronounced.

This free online converter allows you to convert Chinese text to either pinyin or phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols. You can find an explanation of each phonetic symbol in Wikipedia article about Chinese phonology. This tool can also annotate Chinese text – add pinyin or IPA phonetic transcription to a text in Chinese. It will serve you as Chinese pronunciation guide and will save you a lot of time – you won't have to look up for the pronunciation of unknown Chinese words in dictionary. If you use the phonetic transcription regularly along with Chinese audio and video learning materials it will help you to improve your pronunciation and listening skills in Chinese language. The converter gives a transcription according to the pronunciation rules of standard Mandarin Chinese. The database contains more than 107,000 Chinese words and is based on free Chinese-English dictionary CC-CEDICT (see the list of free online Chinese dictionaries).

The converter understands simplified and traditional characters and gives a transcription either in pinyin with tone marks, in pinyin with numbers or in IPA symbols. A special option corrects tones for 一, 不. As you may know, the pronunciation of these 2 characters changes depending on the surrounding words.

Another option highlights in different colors Chinese words required for Chinese Proficiency Test HSK:

  • Chinese words for HSK level 1
  • Chinese words for HSK level 2
  • Chinese words for HSK level 3
  • Chinese words for HSK level 4
  • Chinese words for HSK level 5
  • Chinese words for HSK level 6

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Note: Maximum number of characters for unregistered users - 700, for registered users - 7000. For correct displaying of the phonetic transcription Unicode fonts should be installed on your computer. Make sure to choose the right encoding for this page in your web browser - Unicode (UTF-8).


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